2nd Season Classifications

Classifications were held Saturday 7/21/2018 at the Valley Public Library.
We have 17 teams and have divvied the teams up into Upper, Middle, and North and South Lower.
Upper Division will play on Tuesday’s. Middle Division will play on Wednesday’s. Both Lower Divisions will play on Thursday.
Classification Results:
Upper Division: Flying Squirrel, InterShelter D’Lunatics, Princess Cruises, Trash Talkers
Middle Division: Alaska Towing, Alcoballics, KillerBees, McGivney’s, Seaplanes
Lower Division North: Admiralty BOD’s, Big Red, Dirty Dozen, JPG Jammers, Quit Your Pitching,
Lower Division South: Basic Pitches, Joe’s Team Sucks, The BatsHits

Schedule will come out Monday with Board, CBJ and Umpire approval. Please be prepared to play on the night your division is scheduled. 6PM, 710pm, & 820PM. There is no cross divisional play. All games will be held at Dimond Park. Have fun, stay safe!!

UPDATE: Schedule is published: https://juneausoftball.com/schedule/

Thank you,
JSA Board
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P.O. Box 22037
Please make checks payable to JSA