42nd Annual Jamie Parsons Memorial Rainball Tournament Results

The 42nd Annual Jamie Parsons Memorial Rainball tournament, July 13th-16th.

Our tournament included four teams that traveled from Sitka and many local teams had participants from Sitka, Haines, and Whitehorse on their rosters.

There was a State Hall of Fame a presentation from the USA Softball Association presented by the 2017 USA District Commissioner; Traci Gilmour

Hall of Fame Inductees:
1st National Bank Alaska, Category -Sponsor
Jamie Parsons, Category – Meritorious Service
Bob Sims, Category -Umpire

Juneau Softball Association honored four, past and present members as
JSA Pioneers:
Rosie Thibodeau
Glen Alt
Sandy Williams
Dave Hays

Tournament Results:

Upper Division Men’s Champs – Ike’s Fuel
Middle Division Men’s Champs – Rounders
Lower Division Men’s Champs – Northern Refrigeration & Restaurant Equipment, LLC. Double Ugly

Upper Division Women’s Champs – The Grind Coffee
Middle Division Women’s Champs – Princess Cruises Swinging Beauties
Lower Division Women’s Champs – Auto Plus

League MVP’s & All Tourney Teams:

Men’s Upper Division:
League MVP: Andrew Hall
All Tourney:
Rob Ridgeway
Mike Rader
Craig Kahklen
Beau Damian
Hunter Mallinger
Erik Scholl
Karl Koch
Willy Schrantz
Ben Roguska

Men’s Middle Division:
League MVP: Ryan Lee
All Tourney:
Phil Millard
Jessie McGraw
Jeff Davis
Joey Fox
Adam Sycks
Jacob Thibodeau
Brian Pollard
Chris Umbs
Dom Branson

Men’s Lower Division
League MVP: Steve Sartain
All Tourney:
Cirai Mason
Brian Peterman
Jeshua McMaster
Karsun Newport
Jeremy Shakespeare
Billy Holbrook
Silver Maake
Paul Demmert
Darrel Austin

Women’s Upper Division
League MVP: Danielle Larson
All Tourney:
Taylor Larson
Krista Staveland
Nicole Gorle
Katie Hagan
Megan Reid
Michelle Jones
Devyn Kubley
Dee Boster
Amelia Rivera

Women’s Middle Division
League MVP: Erika Lindsey
All Tourney:
Montanna Coburn
Mona Mametsuka
Lena Lee
Tanya Lewis
Bree Erickson
Jan Cummins
Mindy Shaw
Michelle Ritter
Kimbee Mahle

Women’s Lower Division
League MVP: Hilary Martin
All Tourney:
Jodi Mesdag
Dany Reyes
Gina Chalcroft
Stephanie Nicosia
Angie Bradshaw
Chelsea Peterson
Rachel Hinman
Alyssa Hobbs
Jess Liska

We would especially like to thank Juneau Douglas Officials Association (JDOA) for umpiring and bringing down four umpires from Anchorage to assist with this tournament. The weather participated with us, for the most part, and you were there from start to finish. Thank you!!