JSA 2021 New and Updated Rules

New Rules for 2021

  • JSA will allow multi-wall\composite bats for use by men and women in Coed. All bats must pass compression testing, if implemented by the JSA Board. Bat testing will be an annual JSA\JDOA process, with annual stickers.
  • Stealing will be allowed again for the 2021 season in the men’s league.
  • Health Mandates continue to be in effect. JSA Waiver\Player Agreement includes health status
  • agreement. Players must adhere to the most current JSA Mitigation Plan.

To read the summary and continuing rules from 2020, click here

Pioneers of Softball, 2020

Juneau Sports Association is pleased to announce the honorees for 2020:

The honorees have dedicated decades to promoting the Juneau Sports Association and its adult softball program. Due to COVID precautions JSA was unable to present these awards in person. Please join us in recognizing and congratulating them for their contribution to softball on and off the field.

Imperial Saloon is honored in the Sponsor Category. JSA has enjoyed Imperial Saloon and its sponsorship of Men’s, Women’s and Coed leagues both for season and tournaments for 20+ years. We are grateful for their support of our association. Imperial has produced a few hundred of top notch players and brought their fans along for the ride. Thank you for your longstanding support and assurance of the continuation of local softball leagues. Please stop in to the Imperial and thank Shelly Hurt for her dedication and endless support for the game. We can’t say enough how much we appreciate you but we can try to show you!!

Pete Carran is honored in the Player Category. Pete Carran and Rufus have been with us on and off the field for so long we can’t remember a time without them. Rufus has left the field, but the memories will remain. The insistence of you throwing the Frisbee for him while you chatted with Pete after a game are still visible. Pete, thank you for being the most persistent Utility Player a team could ask for. Wherever a manager needs you that’s where you play the hardest. No one gives 110% like Pete. Pitcher, Shortstop, 2nd Base, OF and manager extraordinaire. He was awarded All Tourney and Tournament MVP more than once in his softball career. Thank you for your energy, great expectations of your teammates and encouragement to do better. You are a great sport and best looking dude in the dugout!