2nd Season Classifications

Classifications were held Saturday 7/21/2018 at the Valley Public Library.
We have 17 teams and have divvied the teams up into Upper, Middle, and North and South Lower.
Upper Division will play on Tuesday’s. Middle Division will play on Wednesday’s. Both Lower Divisions will play on Thursday.
Classification Results:
Upper Division: Flying Squirrel, InterShelter D’Lunatics, Princess Cruises, Trash Talkers
Middle Division: Alaska Towing, Alcoballics, KillerBees, McGivney’s, Seaplanes
Lower Division North: Admiralty BOD’s, Big Red, Dirty Dozen, JPG Jammers, Quit Your Pitching,
Lower Division South: Basic Pitches, Joe’s Team Sucks, The BatsHits

Schedule will come out Monday with Board, CBJ and Umpire approval. Please be prepared to play on the night your division is scheduled. 6PM, 710pm, & 820PM. There is no cross divisional play. All games will be held at Dimond Park. Have fun, stay safe!!

UPDATE: Schedule is published: https://juneausoftball.com/schedule/

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JSA Board
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Coed Benefit Tournament Super Draft!!!!!

The 22nd Annual Coed Benefit Softball Tournament  August 11 and 12th , Dimond Park 

There will be an upper and lower divisions. Player fee $20.00. You will play with old friends and new friends. This is the first Super Draft Tournament in Juneau. So come out and have fun. You can sign up  and check out the Facebook post the Juneau Softball page under Events (this is not the JSA Facebook page, go to the Juneau Softball page and become a member to see the event!). You can sign up and get more info by contacting Michele Morgan 209-1452 or Kyle Scholl 
Have fun for a good cause!
(This is not a JSA or USA Softball qualifying tournament)

Rainball Results, 2nd Season Announcements, Election Results


Classifications and the next board meeting this Saturday July 21st, 10 AM Mendenhall Valley Public Library. All are encouraged to attend.

2nd season registration closes today 7/17/2018. Classifications are Saturday 7/21 at 10 am at the Valley Public Library before the regular board meeting. If you want your team brought over from Regular Season Coed into 2nd Season, please email JSA. Tuesday is Upper, Wednesday is Middle, and Thursday is Lower for 2nd Season.

Rainball Results:
Men’s C Division: Ike’s Fuel
Woman’s C Division: The Grind
Men’s D Division: Southeast Mine Supply – Miners
Woman’s D Division: Free Agents
Men’s E Division: Kawashu Thunder Bears

All Tourney Teams:
All Tourney:
MVP  Danielle Larson
Megan Mauseth
Kim Morriss
Sammy Roguska
Nicole Fenumiai
Megan Wallace
Mindy Shaw
Jane Mores
Montanna Coburn
Devin Kubley

All Tourney:
MVP  Meg Martin
Hilary Martin
Robyn Ramos
Rachel Doogan
Jodie Pessolano
Alyssa Hobbs
Tanya Lewis
Suzann Phillips
Chelsea Peterson
Kara Rochelle Arriaga

All Tourney:
MVP  Ryan Fagerstrom
Geoff Davis
Jeff Hansen
Mike Rader
Derek Listberger
Kale Perkins
Jesse Parr
Garret Cheeseman
Ryan Gorle
Ryan Lee

All Tourney:
MVP  Vinny Isturis
Rob Heide
AJ Votion
Ryan Lane
Jesse McGraw
Antonio DeAsis
Ryan Ellis
Chad DuBois
Kenny Fox
Mike Martin

All Tourney:
MVP  Paul Demmert
Ricardo Morales
Thomas Parkin
John Forchemer
Cirai Mason
Kyle Messing
Jeshua McMaster
Greg Huebschen
Dennis Powers
Harry Williams

Huge thank you to our Rainball sponsor Latitude 58 Real Estate Group!!

Thank you to all who voted during Rainball. For the 3rd year voting during Rainball again, we had a large number of votes. Thank you all for turning out, and taking the time!

Election results:
Men’s C – Rob Luna (same)
Men’s F – Garry Remsberg (same)
Men’s At Large – Shaun Guthrie (same)
Women’s C – Katie Damian (same)
Women’s D – Suzanne Bavard (same)
Women’s At-Large – Myria Shakespeare (same)
Womens E – Celeste Lopez (new member)

New Board Members will start their term September 15, 2018 – September 15, 2019. Executive Board President will be voted in by the JSA Board at the September board meeting. Coed D is newly vacant. We will send out a nomination survey to that division soon.

We are still looking for an Executive Director for JSA. The job description is available on the JSA web page under forms. If you are interested please email info@juneausoftball.com for more information and to submit a resume to the Hiring Committee. We have one resume in with the Hiring Committee currently.

Thank you,
JSA Board
907-957-7376 (this phone receives text and voice messages)
P.O. Box 22037
Please make checks payable to JSA