Board nominations and changes for the 2018 season

Here are the results of the nominations and elections for the the 2018 softball season:

Elected and accepted for 2018
Jodi Garza (Coed D)
Dave Hays (Coed Men’s At-Large)
Toi Gile (Coed Women’s At-Large)
Garry Remsberg (Men’s F)
Suzanne Bavard (Women’s D)
Ginny Martin (Women’s D2)
Myria Shakespeare (Women’s At-Large)
Traci Gilmore (Coed F)

Nominated and elected- still pending accepting the nomination (attending a board meeting is required to accept):
Beau Damian (Men’s C)
Tim Wilson (Men’s At-Large)
Megan Wallace (Coed C)
Stephen Sartain (Coed E)
Katie Damian (Women’s C)

Vacant positions pending nominations and elections (coming again soon to these divisions):
Vacant (Coed G)
Vacant (Men’s D)

Executive Board for President and Vice President and updating committees and committee chairperson was tabled until the next board meeting with hopefully more attendees. The current committees and Executive Board still stands until the September meeting.
This post will be updated after the September 9th board meeting.