Capital City Coed Tournament Classifications

Coed Tourney Classifications were held on Tuesday may 30th at the JSA Office. It was determined to have 3 divisions.

F Division: Alaska Towing, Dirty Dozen, JPG Jammers, Malia Hayward State Farm Big Red, & All Mixed Up

E Division: Seaplanes, KillerBees, Alcoballics, Tall Tale Taxidermy Stuffed Wolves & Base Invaders

C/D Division: Trash Talkers, Viking Lounge, InterShelter D’Lunatics and Devils Hideaway Maniacs

It was discussed and decided to not have the 5 runs for the D teams against the C Teams during the tourney. We have combined C & D with no run differential. The highest ranking team in each division receives a Championship for their division.

Tournament schedules will be posted and emailed. Please stand by.