Changes coming soon…

We have posted the last two board meetings in the minutes area, and posted the 2018 Calendar. The rules committee has been very active and reviewing suggestions brought to the board. A couple of those rules the JSA Board would like member participation. Please keep an eye out on Facebook, this website, and your email for an invite to a JSA Rules Committee Public Forum meeting to be scheduled in January. This will be open to all members, we will also do a Facebook live session for those that cannot attend physically. There are some additional rule changes that have been approved and will be posted in January after the board meeting on the 6th. One change that was already approved in August is Women’s D2 is now Women’s E.
Traci Gilmour is working on a JSA newsletter to update everyone on the happenings in the JSA community. We look forward to this new feature and hope you all will too.
Thank you to all JSA Board members for all their participation in the off-season to make sure we are ready for the next season. If you as a JSA member would like to participate in JSA improvements, Public Relations, Advertising or have ideas for JSA, please be sure to email the JSA email @ and let us know!
Thank you,
Myria Shakespeare
JSA Board President