JSA Board

Meet the 2019/2020 JSA BOARD

Executive Board

Myria Shakespeare         PRESIDENT

Erika Lindsey                   VICE PRESIDENT

Toi Gile                            SECRETARY


Rob Luna (Men’s C)

(Men’s D)

Tim Shockley (Men’s E)

(Men’s F)

Daniel Singh(Men’s At-Large)


Danielle Larson (Women’s C)

Suzanne Bavard  (Women’s D)

Tanya Lewis (Women’s E)

Madison Gambala (Women’s F)

Myria Shakespeare (Women’s At-Large) President


AJ Votion (Coed Men’s At-Large)

Toi Gile (Coed Women’s At-Large)  Secretary

Kelsey Hagan (Coed C)

Traci Gilmour (Coed E)

Erika Lindsey (Coed D) Vice President

Joe DeLuna (Coed F)

Rick Varner (Coed G)


Men’s F

men’s D

Please contact JSA at info@juneausoftball.com and we will put you in contact with your Division Representatives or the JSA Board as a whole.