JSA Board

Meet the 2020/2021 JSA BOARD

Executive Board

Erika Lindsey                PRESIDENT

Tim Shockley                VICE PRESIDENT

Toi Gile                          SECRETARY


Nick Andrews (Men’s C)

Jesse Conrad (Men’s D)

Tim Shockley (Men’s E) Vice President 

(Men’s F)

Daniel Singh (Men’s At-Large)


Danielle Larson (Women’s C)

Rachelle Bonnett (Women’s D)

Tanya Lewis (Women’s E)

Madison Gambala (Women’s F)

Myria Shakespeare (Women’s At-Large)


(Coed C)

Erika Lindsey (Coed D) President 

Traci Gilmour (Coed E)

Joe DeLuna (Coed F)

(Coed G)

AJ Votion (Coed Men’s At-Large)

Toi Gile (Coed Women’s At-Large) Secretary


  • Men’s F
  • Coed C
  • Coed G

Please contact JSA at info@juneausoftball.com and we will put you in contact with your Division Representatives or the JSA Board as a whole.