New Coed Crossover Rules Update

Rules Committee Update

Rules Committee Update: Was presented that the crossover rules be amended:
Playing in Multiple Classifications (Crossover players):
A player may play on both a men’s or women’s team and a co-ed team subject to the following guidelines and restrictions (updated 2018):
Coed C- Open to all-no crossover rules
Coed D- Open for all women, no more than 3 Men’s C
Coed E- Can have 3 women from C AND then can have EITHER 3
Men’s D OR 1 Men’s C & 2 Men’s D
Coed F- Combo of Men’s and Women of up to 4 from Women’s C or
Men’s D
Coed G- Open to any Women’s D or E and only 3 Men’s F or 2 Men’s F and 1 Men’s E