41st Annual Jamie Parsons Rainball Tournament Results

Men’s Division Champions
Congratulations to Men’s C Division Winners: House of Liquor (Sitka)
Congratulations to Men’s D Division Winners: MAC BOB-OMB Squad
Congratulations to Men’s F Division Winners: Super Bear IGA Double Ugly

Women’s Division Champions
Congratulations to Women’s C North Division Winners: Louie’s
Congratulations to Women’s C South Division Winners: Silver Tip Seafoods
Congratulations to Women’s D Division Winners: Auto Plus
Coming soon MVP\All Tourney Results- please check back!

C Division
2016 Rainball Mens C rr results
Mens C Bracket results
D Division
2016 Rainball Mens D rr results
Mens D Bracket results
F Division
2016 Rainball Mens F rr results
Mens F Bracket results

C Division
2016 Rainball Womens C rr results
Womens C North Bracket results
Womens C South Bracket results
D Division
2016 Rainball Womens D rr results
Womens D Bracket results

Winner of the Fastest Man contest: Wil Ridgeway 12.21 seconds
Winner of the Men’s Home Run Derby: Bryn Calhoun 10 Home Runs

MVP\ALL Tourney

Men’s C All Tourney
House of Liquor
MVP: Kevin Boddy
Jess Coltharp
Bryn Calhoun
Kale Perkins
“Magic” Mike Callahan

Beau Damian
Scott Wilwert
Nick Andrews

South Franklin
Ryan Fagerstrom
CJ Keys

Ike’s Fuel
Jaime Kissner

Men’s D All Tourney
MVP: Patrick Millay
David Bloomer
Jake Abel
Junior Faaaliga
Tim Lombard

Critter Millay
Adam DeRocher
Brian Pollard

Barney Schneider
Anthony Lewis

Jay Miller

Men’s F All Tourney
Super Bear IGA Double Ugly
MVP: Steven Sartain
Alec Chaves
Garry Remsberg
Jesse Conrad-Nakamura
Brian Peterman

Joe Nylen
Tyler Maurer
Jeremy Shakespeare

Sea Mart Specials
JR Reeves
Dallas Peavey

Suite 907
Paul Demmert

Women’s C North All Tourney
MVP: Dee Boster
Megan Wallace
Kim Morris
Angi Thibodeau
Sharla Hayes

Diaz Hermanos

Jill Reid
Katie Hagan
Kori Lindstrom

Sammy Roguska
Dawn Tompkins
Danielle Larson

Women’s C South All Tourney
Silver Tip Seafoods
MVP: Krista Staveland
Amber LeBlanc
Erika Lindsey
Mona Mametsuka
Taelyn Coffee

Bell’s Hot Shots
Lilly Ward
Lindsey Brown
Angie Lewis

Sticks N’ Stones
Rachel Hinman
Maggie Tompkins
Jess Liska

Women’s D All Tourney
Auto Plus
MVP: Jodi Mesdag
Meg Martin
MacKenzie Peterman
Donna Shelton
Gina Chalcroft

Stans Angels
Kelsi Kubik
Breanne Erickson
Courtney Johnson

Bat Attitudes
Kristen Starbard
Briana Lopez

Board member election results!

The voter turn out was awesome! Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote during Rainball weekend!
The JSA Board happily voted to accept the election results.
We now have 5 new board members! Please welcome:
Coed C Division Rep: Megan Wallace
Coed E Division Rep: Stephen Sartain
Coed F Division Rep: Ginny Martin
Coed G Division Rep: Brodie Anderson
Women’s-At-Large Rep: Jodi Garza
Thank you to our existing and new volunteers!!

Rainball Schedules

Men’s C Teams
House of Liquor (Sitka)
Ike’s Fuel (Juneau)
South Franklin (Juneau)
Team Imperial (Juneau)
2016 Rainball Mens C round robin schedule
Mens C Bracket

Men’s D Teams
E.L.I. (Sitka)
Rounders (Juneau)
Southeast Mine Supply- Miners (Juneau)
Team Odom (Juneau)
Thibodeau’s Kennys Liquor (Juneau)
2016 Rainball Mens D round robin schedule
Mens D Bracket

Men’s F Teams
AML Men’s (Juneau)
Island Pub (Juneau)
Sea Mart Specials (Sitka)
Sons of Pitches (Juneau)
Suite 907 Kawashu Tlingits (Juneau)
Super Bear IGA Double Ugly (Juneau)
2016 Rainball Mens F round robin schedule
Mens F Bracket

Women’s C North & South Teams
Bell’s Hot Shots (Juneau)
Diaz Hermanos (Sitka)
Louie’s (Juneau)
Shazam (Juneau)
Silver Tip Seafoods (Juneau)
Sticks-N-Stones (Juneau)
2016 Rainball Womens C round robin schedule
Womens C North Bracket
Womens C South Bracket

Women’s D Teams
Angels (Juneau)
Auto Plus (Juneau)
SE Mine Supply Bat Attitudes (Juneau)
Stan’s Angels (Sitka)
2016 Rainball Womens D round robin schedule UPDATE
Womens D Bracket