New Executive Director Announcement

Dear JSA Members,

The JSA Board is pleased to announce that Karsun Newport has been selected as the Executive Director of JSA. Karsun has been involved with ASA for 21 years, managed various sports teams, volunteered at various sport functions, and umpired with JDOA. His customer service skills, IT background, and lifelong passion for softball will certainly be a positive note for softball in Juneau and Southeast Alaska.

Karsun will be responsible for providing and coordinating the softball program for the community of Juneau. He will be responsible for managing the daily duties and program maintenance to meet those goals. He will help facilitate the growth of softball and continue to maintain and grow the professional working relationships with CBJ, Parks & recreation staff.

Please welcome Karsun to the Executive Director position!

The JSA Board &
JSA Hiring Committee

JSA Hiring Executive Director Position (Closed)


Executive Director Position Description

Job summary: Juneau Sports Association is dedicated to providing and coordinating the softball program for the community of Juneau, Alaska. The Executive Director (E.D.) is responsible for managing the daily duties and program maintenance to meet that end. The E.D. reports to the President of the Board of Directors.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain working relationship with National and International softball organizations.
  • Maintain professional working relationship with JDOA.
  • Develop and maintain professional working relationship with CBJ, Parks and Recreation staff to maintain field schedules, report field schedule changes and tournament schedules.
  • Maintain JSA office, daily office hours as agreed upon.
  • File timely reports and insurance certificates with CBJ and ASA.
  • Maintain association inventory records for all JSA equipment and assets, place order when needed.
  • Attend all Board meetings, facilitate elections, work sessions (all JSA related functions).
  • Coordinate and attend all JSA tournaments, registration meeting and rules clinic.
  • Update scores and standings online at a minimum weekly.
  • Maintain accurate website, information, and calendar. Prefer someone with a good knowledge of computers and the ability to learn how to update websites.
  • Distribute team and managers notifications promptly via email and/or social networks.
  • Update, maintain and disseminate JSA, ASA, and CBJ rules, regulations and agreements.
  • Maintain JSA vendor, DEC, open flame permits.
  • Develop announcements, meeting notices and promote JSA recreational opportunities via public media on a regular basis and further serve as the media contact for JSA.
  • Collect revenues on behalf of JSA and provide JSA Accountants with receipts, documentation and any other materials deemed necessary for the sound financial management of the association. Record and bill for all forfeits and fines.
  • Reschedule, schedule and/or cancel games as necessary, including notification(s) of affected team managers, umpiring officials, and CBJ Parks and Recreation as required. Rescheduled games are to be scheduled at the earliest possible opening available.
  • Provide member access to JSA program materials at all times. Insure all players are registered for their activity of participation and that the player fee has been paid, prior to playing in a JSA sponsored event.
  • Maintain communication with team manager’s and out of town organizations to ensure rules of tournaments or league changes are effectively communicated.
  • Represent JSA in a positive manner.
  • Facilitate JDOA protests.
  • Maintain first aid kits for all fields for tournament play.
  • Coordinate season and tournament registration including a rules clinic, pre-tournament correspondence, develop tournament schedules and rules, hire scorekeepers, create tournament statistics spreadsheets and other duties as related and/or assigned.
  • The E.D. is the Tournament Director for all JSA sponsored tournaments and will be in attendance for the duration of any tournament.

Knowledge, skills and abilities required:

  • Have a working knowledge or ability to learn filing system
  • Must have ability to work in a positive professional manner
  • Must be able to read, write and communicate effectively in English
  • Must possess moderate computer skills
  • Must have experience or knowledge of JSA

If the successful applicant is also a player and/or an umpire, at no time may participation in team play activities interfere with the duties and responsibilities of this position.

Hours increase during the softball season and are less in the off season. Majority of salary is paid during the softball season.

Job Requirements
Minimum Age:18
Education:Attained High School Diploma or Equivalent (GED)
Driver’s license:D-Private Vehicle class

Please submit your resume, cover letter, and 3 professional references to the JSA Board at the email address:

Candidates accepted until 5pm 11/30/2016.

CBJ Parks & Rec seeking JSA member comments

How do you want Parks and Rec to look in 20 years? What community recreation amenities are you most passionate about?

Go to one of their public meetings and tell them your ideas for improving recreation in our community!

– October 19, 6pm at Centennial Hall

– October 20, 6pm at Dzantik’i Heeni

Can’t make it to a public meeting? Visit them online at and learn more about the project, take their survey, and leave your comments. Your voice counts!
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JSA Annual Election results

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Toi Gile Coed Women’s At-Large. Also voted in to Executive Board as Secretary

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