JSA Player Handbook

Please take moment to read through the JSA Handbook. All players and managers should be familiar with the rules and guidelines outlined in this document. Click the button below to download a copy.
JSA Handbook 2022

New and Updated Rules Summary for 2022

New Rules

Division Rule Changes:

Women will be allowed to sign up to play in the Men’s division. Subrules and cross-over rules would still apply to the women, and they would have to pay the fee to join a team. Schedules will not be adjusted for game conflicts. The league rules will not be adapted for a woman choosing to play on a men’s team.

Bat Compression Testing:

JSA will implement compression testing annually, with a sticker, and additional separate testing for Rainball with a second sticker. If the bat does not pass Rainball compression testing it would no longer be allowed in the league. *JSA will send out additional information.

JSA has updated the Filings, Definitions, Hearings, and Appeals.

Continuing From 2021

JSA will allow multi-wall\composite bats for use by men and women in Coed.

All bats must pass compression testing if implemented by the JSA Board. Bat testing will be an annual JSA\JDOA process, with annual stickers.

Stealing will be allowed again for the 2021 season in the men’s league.

Health Mandates continue to be in effect. JSA Waiver\Player Agreement includes a health status agreement. Players must adhere to the most current JSA Mitigation Plan.

Approved Equipment 

Planning to purchase a new bat? Multi-wall/composite bats are allowed for all players in all leagues. Only ASA/USA certified bats may be used during JSA league play and in JSA tournaments. Please refer to USA Softball guidelines and the yearly listings of legal bats. Click here for more information regarding USA Softball-approved bats. 

Metal cleats are not allowed. All pitchers are required to wear a protective mask. Beginning in 2023, JSA will no longer provide pitching masks to players. Managers and pitchers – please plan accordingly.