2021 Schedules & Brackets

The 2021 Rainball Tournament is dedicated in memory of Brianna Hartley & Carl Lewis.

Brianna brought the happiest energy to the ballpark. She wasn’t consumed so much with a competitive nature as she was the team comradery and enjoying time on and off the field with friends at the ballpark. Her love for her teammates began in the bowling alley. Joe Deluna from Joe’s Team Sucks brought his top level bowling buddies to the field and Lo and Behold those kids can play softball too. Thanks Joe for getting Brianna and others off the lanes and into the sun to play in the dirt. Brianna’s laugh could be heard around the ballpark which instantly brought more smiles. Her bright leggings were just another level of fun added to her game.

We give gratitude to Carl for his decades of play, umpiring and taking time to serve on the JSA Board. Carl managed his coed team to Rainball Championship in 1992 and was one of 5 family members to play on ABC Center’s coed team for several years.Carl sat on the JSA Board as a Director during the late 90’s and early ‘00’s. Carl helped setup the early games for tournament play @ Savikko Park, always poking Traci for being a bit too spunky in the 7am hour. He helped make policy, rarely missing a meeting or the need to volunteer.Carl will be remembered for his fair umpiring. He was a sound umpire in his calls and always let you rib him for unfavorable calls before moving on to the next pitch. He worked beyond the call of duty.